Monthly Archives: December 2013

Small Business Local Marketing: Part 4

Raleigh SEO, Advertising and Small Business Marketing Last time we talked we reviewed the middle phase of how best to market a small business in Raleigh, NC (or any other local area). That post focused on understanding our target market and testing our message. This time around we're going to swing for the fences! The…
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Video Blogging Tips – Equipment Guide!

Raleigh SEO and Marketing Tips Recently, we touched on the basic information for starting a video blog and how it can be profitable for your Raleigh SEO campaign. Today, we are focusing on the equipment that will maximize your budget. Most small business owners get nervous about producing high-quality video. It’s natural. With endless advertisements…
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Small Business Local Marketing Part 3

Welcome back Sunday readers! Last we talked the focus was on planning for your local marketing campaign. Small businesses live and die on how many "fans" they create in their local area. It's important to plan, and plan well, I might add. But it's even more important to execute and create new and repeat sales!…
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