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Video Blogging Tips – Equipment Guide!

Raleigh SEO and Marketing Tips Recently, we touched on the basic information for starting a video blog and how it can be profitable for your Raleigh SEO campaign. Today, we are focusing on the equipment that will maximize your budget. Most small business owners get nervous about producing high-quality video. It’s natural. With endless advertisements…
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Small Business Local Marketing Part 3

Welcome back Sunday readers! Last we talked the focus was on planning for your local marketing campaign. Small businesses live and die on how many "fans" they create in their local area. It's important to plan, and plan well, I might add. But it's even more important to execute and create new and repeat sales!…
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Small Business Local Marketing Part 2

Local Marketing for your Small Business | Raleigh SEO and Website Design   Welcome back! Last week we reviewed the ins and outs of local marketing for your small business. This week let's dig deeper. And look at exactly how to properly plan as you begin to get more disciplined with regards to your small…
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Small Business Local Marketing

Local Marketing in Raleigh, NC | Small Business SEO Raleigh NC   Hello again small business owners, managers and staff! We've been so busy of late it's been hard to keep up. Thankfully, we're back to helping you sort through all the noise in a fragmented advertising and marketing industry. When you think about local…
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Video Blogging and Raleigh SEO

Raleigh SEO and Marketing tips for Small businesses: Unleash the vlogs You might be asking yourself what in the world is a vlog?  Easy, it’s a video blog. Vlogs are a unique way to market your business, drive traffic to your website and connect with customers and prospects.  The best part? With today’s technology even…
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