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Internet Marketing Facts for Raleigh Durham

Is your website ranking really that important? A survey by PEW from April 2010 showed more than 15 billion searches by the general public. Google accounted for 10 billion searches while Yahoo and Bing added another 5 billion queries. If every person on Earth used the internet, there would be at least 2 internet searches…
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Website Ranking and the Raleigh Durham Internet Marketplace

Google’s cool; but what about the other search engines? Our internet marketing experts understand the importance of reach. The broader the group we reach through your web advertising campaign the more effective the end result. As of 2010, 65% of all internet searches occurred via Google. Over the same time period, 18% of searches were…
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Information is power.

Did you know? North Carolina EDIS data shows more than 500,000 workers in the Raleigh-Durham area have an annual salary of greater than $50,000. The demographic accounts for the very majority of purchases. Greater than 95% of these same people use the internet as a means of research. In Raleigh-Durham, internet marketing has become a…
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