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Never has your website's ranking whether in Raleigh, Durham or anywhere in the world has been so important. Recently, released the results of their 2011 survey of small business owners across the US. The survey show's the importance of the internet and its marketing value in the 21st century. We are only in the beginning stages of the shift from print to online media. As the next two generations come of age, virtually all content will be viewed online in local areas such as Raleigh and around the globe. That's about 10 years away sure, but online advertising continues to grow by billions each year. All major firms and most successful small businesses know this truth. Take a look below and see for yourself.

1) Most business owners don't think yellow page phone books are useful to them:

“Yellow page phone books are useful to me as a business owner.”
Agree - 11%
Somewhat Agree - 17%
Somewhat Disagree - 19%
Disagree - 52%

2) Only about 10% of business owners use yellow page phone books more than once per month; 3 out of 4 don't use it at all:

How many times per month do you rely on a yellow page phone book to find a local business?
“Zero” - 75%
“Once” - 14%
“Between two and four times” - 8%
“Five or more times” - 3%

3) Very few business owners believe customers find them using a yellow page phone book.

Estimated percentage of customers who find me using a yellow page phone book.
“0%” - 43%
“1-25%” - 47%
“26-50%” - 5%
“51-75%” - 3%
“76-99%” - 1%
“100%” - 0.1%

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