Internet Marketing Facts for Raleigh Durham

  • Is your website ranking really that important? A survey by PEW from April 2010 showed more than 15 billion searches by the general public. Google accounted for 10 billion searches while Yahoo and Bing added another 5 billion queries. If every person on Earth used the internet, there would be at least 2 internet searches per person per month. Aside from television, there is no other form of media that has such a broad reach. Your Raleigh Durham marketing campaign has to account for this fact. Your website, its ranking and your brand can be improved by using Xperience4higher’s internet services. We specialize in making sure your business stands out amongst your competitors in this Age of Information.
  • Internet Marketing; what’s that? According to Forester Research, internet marketing will total $55 billion by 2014. That’s 21% of all marketing budgets. Don’t be late. Part of your website’s ranking, for Raleigh Durham or any other area, is age. Your business cannot afford to miss out on the new T.V. What you don’t believe me? Do the research. Firms that failed to successfully advertise on television in the 1950/60s did not grow as their counterparts. Ever watch the television show Mad Men? We are in the new age of advertising. Amazon recently made a fairly large dent in Wal-Mart’s dominance. Amazon is only online. We are in the midst of a revolution. From medical information to relationships, every aspect of life has changed due to the internet. Raleigh, Durham and other cities are competitive marketplaces. You can and should compete with Wal-Mart, Target and big box stores. How is this possible you say? can show you. Our internet marketing experts are the best in the business. We think like consumers, act like seasoned professionals and deliver website ranking results that are guaranteed. Plus we do it on a budget small businesses can afford. Pay it forward; that’s our mission!

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