Internet Marketing for Raleigh Durham Small Businesses

Not exactly sure how to create an effective online special to advertise products and services for your small business?

In our last post, we directed you to a number of websites you may use to advertise your small business through a coupon-like function. It's important, however, to make sure the special you are promoting is going to generate traffic for your website. Again, I will say this until it becomes "old hat"...your local website ranking, whether in you are located in Raleigh, Durham or Guam, is key in growing your small business. Now back to the matter at hand. What makes a good online special? I have a few tricks from my own experiences that will come in handy if you are a DIY'er:

  • Make the offer valuable for your customers and your small business
  • Make these particular shoppers feel extra welcome (social net-workers tend to be actively outspoken so you want to cater to them so that they may go out and represent your business online)
  • Post the offer in as many place as you can find (good internet marketing is all about reach and content; a good offer that reaches a lot of people = sales!)

In our next post, we will examine the importance of just-in-time and/or location-specific specials that can be used to drum up business for your small enterprise in a matter of minutes, if not seconds after posting. Here's to your Raleigh website ranking!

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