Raleigh Durham Internet Marketing

  • Who’s online and what are they doing? As of 2010, internet users surpassed television viewers in the United States according to North American Technographics Benchmark Survey. Ask yourself what you do on the internet. You interact with friends, pay bills and…well…you research stuff. Whether you need a car or a mechanic, you are most likely going to use the internet to see what’s out there. Don’t believe me; think about it!
  • How can my small business compete with mega-chain establishments? Consumers in the Raleigh Durham market spend approximately 52% of their disposable income on items such as retail goods, apparel, furniture and services. Before big ticket purchases, many consumers use the internet for research. Your local (Raleigh Durham) website ranking is as important as large corporations’ television advertisements. By achieving and maintaining a high website ranking for the Raleigh Durham area, you give your small business an opportunity to earn an even larger portion of the disposable income mentioned above.

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