Real-time Internet Marketing for Small Businesses

Having a slow day?

Then get out and touch somebody! Our better yet; go fishing for potential buyers that happen to pass by. Online advertising has a unique advantage over television, print and radio mediums. What's the advantage you might ask?

Real-time communication with potential buyers!

If you haven't already, you need to be sure your business is listed on two sites: Yelp and FourSquare. Have you been around the Raleigh Durham area lately and noticed the bar code signs (QR codes for techies)? Online advertisers are seeing great results by allowing patrons to "check in" to their place of business. It creates a sense of ownership for customers which is fundamentally what small business is all about. Here's something you may not know:

People walking or driving by your place of business can be notified by these applications through "specials alerts" when you are having a sale. The sale can be immediate. What this means is that when you are having a slow day you can create almost instantaneous foot traffic by offering users discounts through their mobile phones. This is a fantastic approach to reaching an audience that may not otherwise know about your small business. If you would like to learn more, please contact us at Go out and advertise online Raleigh Durham small business owners!

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