Small Business Local Marketing: Part 4

Raleigh SEO, Advertising and Small Business Marketing

Last time we talked we reviewed the middle phase of how best to market a small business in Raleigh, NC (or any other local area). That post focused on understanding our target market and testing our message. This time around we're going to swing for the fences! The focus of this post will be taking your planning activities, like Raleigh SEO keyword research, and executing them to the fullest. Here's what we have left to do:

  1. Execute your plan to the fullest
  2. LISTEN to your customers
  3. Measure your success and adjust your strategy
  4. Repeat the entire process several times a year; so long as you want to stay in business:-)

Execute your marketing plan:

Practice is great. Performance is more important, however.  Now that we've tested our messaging, tweaked our Raleigh SEO campaign with better keyword selection, refined our target market and fully planned our rollout; it's time to focus and deliver. That's something we know a lot about at Xperience4Higher. We guarantee all of our services and the results they provide. If we don't grow your business, then you don't pay us. I say this because you need to have the same attitude. There is no room failure. When it comes to attracting new clients, leave it to the professionals to market your small business .  The best thing you can do is get ready for the onslaught of new clients. Prepare yourself. Make sure you have a good attitude about all the busy days to come. Prepare your staff. Set their expectations. Let them know a good attitude is expected. Give them an understanding of what is likely to occur so a busy week or two doesn't catch them by surprise. Manage your client's expectations and do everything you can to make them happy. Keep a solid focus on current customers and don't alienate them as you grow. All in all. Do what it took to make you successful in the first place. Then as you grow, find staff that can develop or that is ready to contribute in a leadership role next time around. After all, you have to consider that you do only have two hands!

Listen to your patrons:

Your customers, current and new, will tell you exactly how you're doing. This is the MOST IMPORTANT measure of success. Forget about profits (for a moment). Forget about new sales. Think about long-term business success.  Treat everyone well and find a way to get feedback. Use a quick Q&A (no more than 2 questions) delivered verbally by your wait staff.  How about a trip around the store taking the time to chat with shoppers by the owner herself? Wouldn't you like to know the person in charge? Take time to learn exactly what's working and where you can improve.

Measure and Correct

We listened to feedback from customers. So now it's time to measure. Look at the number of new people you came into contact with. Record your sales increase. Take down the profit you made. Understand which marketing channels were most profitable.  The only way to get better is understand how you did.  Bottom line. You have to make money.  Take the good and move it forward in your next plan. Either refine the bad or throw it out altogether where there's budget to try new things next time. Measure, record, analyze and correct.

Now that you've done all of the above. It's time to begin again. Repeat this series as often as possible (maybe once or twice a quarter) and watch your business grow!


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