Social Networking, Me and You in RDU

  • Who’s your Mayor? More than half of internet users are mobile. Mobile applications such as FourSquare and are changing how consumers locate your small business, Raleigh Durham and beyond. For example, users can “check in” once they arrive at your restaurant and let the world know where they are dining. The user that logs in the most from a specific location is deemed the “Mayor”. Think it’s a fad; try again. Social networking becomes more important by the day. You can attract a loyal, grassroots following when it seems like everyone is congregating at your place of business. These services pull data from MapQuest, Google Places and others. From there, the user can login and rate your location. Tweets travel fast. Is your Raleigh Durham website ranking a good representative of your business? If not, Xperience4higher can help. Our internet marketing consultants are the best. They understand consumers, appreciate small business and know the area well. We know what’s cool and will make sure you do to. Compare our advertising costs to those of the local News and Observer. For the cost of a Sunday ad, we can make sure your small business is front page all month long.
  • How can my small business compete in a market like Raleigh Durham? There are a number of ways to compete: price, superior products, niche services, friendly staff, etc. Aside from price, competitive leverage is going to require a bit of communication. You have to educate people about your products and/or services. Whether through word-of-mouth advertising or a paid campaign, consumers have to learn what it is you do and how good you are at it. The internet has begun to overtake print media as the best place to begin the education process. It’s costly to reach a large, diverse audience when you look to television and/or print as the primary vehicles of communication. However, a “top ten” search result can do just this at a fraction of the cost. For example, first page/primetime advertising can cost up to $10,000 in Raleigh Durham. Your small business’s marketing budget probably is much more than this for a year. If you want efficient and effective advertising, then look no further. Internet Marketing consultants at Xperience4higher are groomed to be your Raleigh Durham small business’s secret weapon. A high website ranking is nearly as good a primetime slot during the morning drive or a banner ad in the Sunday paper.

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