Website Ranking and the Raleigh Durham Internet Marketplace

  • Google’s cool; but what about the other search engines? Our internet marketing experts understand the importance of reach. The broader the group we reach through your web advertising campaign the more effective the end result. As of 2010, 65% of all internet searches occurred via Google. Over the same time period, 18% of searches were performed on Yahoo while another 12% used Bing. That’s 95% of all searches! X4h internet marketing experts know these facts very well. Not only do we optimize your Raleigh Durham website for Google but we do the same for Yahoo and Bing. Your success is the lifeline to our business as well. So we focus intently on quality content, efficient code and social networking to ensure Google Places and Yahoo/Bing Local recognize your site as valuable to people looking for information. Local internet marketing is x4h’s specialty and in an area like Raleigh Durham it’s a must.
  • Convenience changes behavior. Remember when…you actually had to go into the store to see what they carry. What about using a map to find an address only to lose your place during the drive and have to pull over to find your way again? Items like GPS and online catalogs have forever changed the way people navigate, shop and research. Yes, I said research. Remember Britannica? How about World Book? What about the phone book? Does anyone use these items anymore? More than 90% of America uses the internet. Your marketing strategy has to include website ranking and site improvement services. Raleigh Durham is especially inundated with savvy internet users. Forbes recently voted Raleigh as the most wired city. Let’s be honest. You use the internet to find things even if you don’t text message your kids. Personally, I still like to pick up the phone when I need to talk to someone. But honestly, I almost always go to the internet to research how best to spend my money. Times have changed. Is your business ready?

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